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U.S SEC Clamps Down On Founders of PlexCoin

The United States Securities and exchange commission has recently announced the launch of its Cybersecurity unit whose primary responsibility is to combat all forms of cyber-related threats and protection of retail investors. As stated in a press release on SEC’s...

/ December 11, 2017

ICO Watch: is a pioneer in online Binary options trading. The company formerly known as Betonmarkets was founded in 1999 by Jean-Yves Sireau. Binary option is a type of financial trading in which the outcome is either a fixed monetary value...

/ December 6, 2017

China’s ICO Ban Was An Excellent Move  Says Central Banker; IOTA Token Gains Over 200% In One Week

Once upon a time, China was the Bitcoin Capital of the world!.  China used to control over 80% of the total Bitcoin transactions, and China was so supportive of the cryptocurrency to the extent of even premiering a Bitcoin documentary...

/ December 5, 2017

BitClave Token Sold Out Within 32 Seconds

The ICO world is a bustling highway. The ubiquity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has fueled the rise of more and more ICO’s on a daily basis. Although no one is always a hundred percent sure about the success of any...

/ December 5, 2017

Plex Coin ICO Founders in SEC Trouble

ICO’s are quite a legal way of raising funds for startups. Companies who have great ideas to develop usually organize ICO’s to raise money for the project they wish to undertake. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are accepted in exchange...

/ December 5, 2017


Sola-short form for the social layer. Sola is a next-generation decentralized social network that enables its users to reach more audience and generate revenue from their original content. Sola, unlike some social media platforms, does not use the concept of...

/ December 5, 2017

Bitcoin Surpasses $11,000 As Cardano (ADA) Tokens Skyrocket

The world’s first cryptocurrency Bitcoin seems to be heading to the moon indeed. In the past weeks, Bitcoin has been in the news, climbing new all-time-highs and shutting up its skeptics. The bullish Bitcoin trend has been fueled by the...

/ November 29, 2017

Confido ICO Scam Victims Set To Get Compensated

Initial Coin offerings are ways by which startups and even existing companies in the cryptocurrencies ecosystem raise money for their projects. ICO’s are the crypto equivalents of initial public offerings that businesses conduct to sell their shares to raise funds...

/ November 29, 2017

Here’s Our Take On The Hyundai DAC ICO

The Initial Coin Offering ecosystem has seen a beehive of activities in recent times. With Bitcoin making new all-time highs and gaining popularity and acceptance by many high net-worth individuals, institutional investors and even government, the ICO world has also...

/ November 29, 2017
What to look for in an ICO

What should you look for in an ICO?

If the right choices are made (at the right time) ICOs can be very profitable because investors can get a piece of the pie ahead of other market participants. However, closing wrongly can easily lead to a complete loss of...

/ November 28, 2017