iPRONTO was created by Idea Paradise and is built to connect innovative entrepreneurs with investors, while validating and incubating business ideas at the same time, via the blockchain technology.

iPRONTO can be described as a virtual incubation system based on the Ethereum smart contract blockchain.

The iPRONTO mantra is to eliminate all killers of the entrepreneurial spirit like political boundaries, location, distance and all others. Its focused on helping great ideas thrive and blossom in a world of many uncertainties.

iPRONTO is built to offer a range of services to innovators and entrepreneurs to help them work together and grow great businesses.

The system makes the most exquisite use of Blockchain technology in ensuring transparency, integrity, and a tamper-proof platform.

The platform validates the ideas of entrepreneurs and presents them to angel investors and incubators who now carry check out these ideas on the blockchain before pumping in money into a project they like.

iPRONTO works simply and efficiently. Entrepreneurs only need to submit their ideas on the platform, while investors looking for viable projects will scan through the list of available businesses that require funding and choose the one that catches their interest.

iPRONTO only lists a business idea on its platform when its sure of the viability of the project. All plans are recorded on the Blockchain. The team also assists startups in getting government licenses and business registration as applicable to the region.

iPRONTO provides startups with the necessary allied marketing, legal, human resource and many other business services.

The use of smart contracts by the platform, ensures reliable record keeping, faster processing time and strengthened credibility of startups.

IPR is the native currency of the iPRONTO ecosystem. IPR acts as a medium of exchange and also serves other purposes like being a voting mechanism for the platform.

All IPR token holders will receive some part of the revenues generated by the platform. The iPRONTO token sale is on, and it’s an excellent opportunity to be part of an initiative that will stand the test of time.

The TGE comes with a lot of bonuses, and you can participate by clicking here www.iprontocoin.com.

Existing community members are free to take part in the upcoming bounty program, to get iPRONTO coin rewards.

iPRONTO in Brief

As stated earlier the iPRONTO platform is based on the Ethereum smart contracts blockchain. The system brings entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors together. iPRONTO also provides a range of other services and will in future build a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange and other innovative solutions.


For more information visit www.iprontocoin.com

To Contribute: www.iprontocoin.io

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ipronto-150054468944431/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/iprontocoin

Medium: www.medium.com/@incubatorsparadise

Github: www.reddit.com/user/iprontocoin/

Email: hello@iprontocoin.com


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