The Coingaming Group, experts in charge of significant iGaming platforms like and, have let some high profile users test-run its closed beta Lightning Network.

The Lightning Network is a solution to the scalability issues of the Bitcoin blockchain network. Lightning enables micropayments to be sent between parties without having to broadcast it through the Blockchain. This system is secure just like the standard transaction process and also, its faster, cheaper and increases privacy.

Coingaming is looking to use the excellent qualities of the lightning protocol to give its users cheaper transaction fees, faster confirmation times and privacy.

In line with the customer-first mantra of the team, after a successful beta testing of lightning network, it would be rolled out across its and platforms.

In line with this positive development, CTO of the Coingaming group has said:

“The Coingaming Group have been industry pioneers since founding with the purpose of providing our customers with the most functional and expansive offering, generating the best user experience in the process. We expect the Lightning Network to be a key part of bitcoin-led iGaming companies soon, and we’re proud to be the first operator bringing its massive potential to the market.”

About Coingaming Group in Brief

The Coingaming Group are experts in the iGaming world and operate bitcoin-focused casinos such as the famous and sportsbook like and other eSports gambling brands like and The group has offices in Estonia, Ukraine, UK, Brazil, and Malaysia with over 150 staff.

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