ARK is proud to announce its strategic alliance with Blockport, which is a decentralized crypto exchange, made for the newbie and experts alike.

ARK has partnered with a tremendous decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform, Blockport.

Just recently, the ARK team did a worldwide tour, educating the public on ARK’s features.

The founders believe that the ARK platform will soon get mass adoption, as developers and ICO platforms will soon realize the usefulness and excellent features of the platform.

The ARK-Blockport Partnership

ARK’s officials have made it clear that the partnership is for mutually beneficial reasons. ARK will deliver excellent tools for mass level adoption, and Blockport is a decentralized exchange. Therefore, it needs to add user-friendly features to its platform.

This new partnership is in-line with Blockport’s motto:”Everyone should be able to trade cryptocurrencies.” Blockport is here to make it possible for every human to be able to trade cryptos. ARK will facilitate this Vision for Blockport.

The CFO of ARK, Lars Rensing has joined the advisory board of Blockport. He will assist the Blockport team by advising them on the best way to use ARK’s trading solutions. Lars will also develop a business strategy that will be of great benefit to both firms.

More about ARK

ARK is focused on consumers. It has a series of innovative technologies and practical applications for everyday use. ARK will integrate existing Blockchain technology into its ecosystem and build an excellent platform that guarantees real-time user interaction.

The ARK team

ARK was created by 27 people from different parts of the world. At present, ARK consists of 17 core members from various parts of the globe, who are experts in the fields engineering, Blockchain development and more. The team is a highly dedicated one and wants nothing but success for the platform.

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