Quedex- a cutting-edge Bitcoin options and futures exchange is has announced a beta launch of its futures Bitcoin-denominated futures and options.

After the successful introduction of the CBOE and CME Bitcoin futures trading, Quedex Bitcoin futures and options platform has started its Bitcoin-based trading platform. Bitcoin derivatives traded on regulated fiat exchanges like the CBOE and CME are created for investors who are not interested in having Bitcoin in their portfolio.

Quedex brings a number of Bitcoin-denominated derivatives built specifically for the cryptocurrency ecosystem and economy. Quedex is also proud to announce it has put in place a professional trading platform with high-level security and risk management features.

The Quedex Bitcoin-Centric Instruments In Brief

The CBOE and CME Bitcoin derivatives and futures is a forward move in the right direction for the recognition of Bitcoin and its acceptance as legal tender by all, but the CBOE and CME futures brings no real change to the crypto community as a whole. Bitcoin-denominated derivatives align much better with crypto-traders and hedgers because most of them do not want to divest from cryptocurrency trading.

Using the Quedex twenty-first-century platform, traders who invest, expecting a Bitcoin bullish trend stand a chance of reaping higher profits when the Bitcoin price rises. Conversely, Quedex while clearing institutions warn about the inherent risks of short CME futures positions, Quedex users who short Bitcoin would never get margin-called when fully collateralized.

Moreover, unlike the CBOE and CME futures systems, Quedex works on a 24/7 basis, thereby eliminating weekend gap risks.

Quedex boasts of being much more consistent as compared to its competitors. Quedex co-founder- Matt Wywial had this to say:

“It is very important that the options are consistent with the prevailing inverse futures standard. Only that way active traders can easily hedge their option positions with futures or apply put-call parity options arbitrage.” He further reiterated that:”Quedex is the first one to offer Bitcoin-denominated futures and options consistently, each with $1 notional amount.”

Impressive Features

With Quedex, Bitcoin and Altcoin futures traders can quickly add new instruments to their futures portfolio, and hedge the options with Quedex futures as well as on other liquid markets easily.

The Quedex CEO has also praised the platforms saying:

“Quedex Bitcoin options have even more potential to be the hedging tool of choice for the Bitcoin miners, as buying a put option allows them to retain the growth potential of Bitcoin fully and without touching fiat money.”

Quedex boasts of a unique security feature and risk management system that employs balancing auctions as a protection against all forms of market manipulations. Quedex is headquartered in Gibraltar, a European Union member state with a vibrant and non-hostile Bitcoin and Blockchain environment.

Other Advantages Of Quedex

  • Consistent Bitcoin-denominated options and futures market, in line with industry standards.
  • No entry barriers $1 contract size for futures and options as compared to CBOE’s 1BTC and CME’s 5BTC.
  • Advanced risk management allowing 25x leverage.

more information, visit https://quedex.net

Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/quedexnet/

Email: contact@quedex.net


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