Hamster is a blockchain-based marketplace focused on the sale of electronics and other unique gadgets from manufacturers, startups and local projects.

Hamster marketplace is looking to create an environment that lets numerous vendors from all over the world get access to products that they cannot afford to buy now and would provide access to investors who join the platform early and also to technology fans, the world over.

About Hamster Market Token Sale

The Hamster marketplace token (HMT) presale begins on December 11, 2017, and will be live until December 31, 2017. The HMT token is the currency of the Hamster Marketplace’s project. HMT is the token used by inventors, innovators, gadget manufacturers, and technology inclined customers.

The Hamster marketplace having raised approximately six hundred thousand dollars in a private investment,  has now launched its token presale.

The project promises to be a one of a kind marketplace that brings together,  new producers, new firms and a readily available market, with no need for third party payment gateways.

Some Key Metrics

There are 1.2 million ERC20 HMT available for purchase in the presale. The HMT is not a mineable token and has a soft cap of 2 million and a hard cap of 14 million HMT.

During the presale, HMT is sold with a 20% discount of $1.40 per token bought. The Hamster marketplace promises to be transparent in the use of investors’ funds and has pledged to follow its roadmap to the letter.

According to the organizers of the Hamster ICO, the project’s Alpha version would be released in 2018.

What Advantages are there for Hamster Marketplace Stakeholder?

Producers and Manufactures

The presence of a large customer volume with a high demand for quality electronics will ensure constant sales for producers.

There is also the opportunity of becoming co-owners of the Hamster marketplace project, and this ensures lifelong earnings for all involved.

HMT Buyers

Buyers are presented with the opportunity of purchasing high quality, original products at best prices since the products are directly obtained from the manufacturers, buyers are guaranteed to get authentic products at all times.

Buyers are presented with an opportunity to be early birds of the platform and reap countless benefits.

Useful Links

For more information on the Hamster marketplace project, visit: Https://hmstr.io

Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/HamsterMarket

Medium: https://medium.com/@HamsterMarketPlace.

Email: info@hamster.io

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In the past 24 hours, Patientory has given investors an ROI of 90%. The price currently stands at $0.394, with a market capitalization of USD 27,403,530.

The bullish trend could be attributed to the launch of Patientory’s children charity program.

You can get more information at Patientory’s twitter handle, @Patientory


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