Seattle based Duber technologies is excited to announce the launch of its ICO (dubercoin)that will revolutionize the legal cannabis industry by improving transparency, security, and efficiency in the multi-million industry.

The duber high-value network is built on an existing firm that provides sales support systems and inventory management. The duber team is made up of an array of experienced executives and developers.

In duber’s effort to incentivize value creation, participants in the duber project who carry out activities like writing reviews, adding product information, viewing adverts on the duber platform,  or make purchases, such participants would be equitably rewarded with duber tokens (DBR) from the duber custom payment and rewards engine.

Duber Tokens

Duber token holders can use their DBR tokens to purchase goods and pay for services at all participating retail locations on the duber platform.  The duber team has a philosophy of handsomely rewarding value creators who expend their energy making the duber ecosystem work.  The DBR tokens also have the ability to relieve dispensaries from the burden of operating in an all-cash environment.

Duber uses a Blockchain technology-based data management and record keeping system which allows users to have an unprecedented quality of lab-verified data of their products.  Consumers have the assurance of receiving only high quality licensed products they desire.

Presently, there are over 700 unique strains of cannabis, with each strain having its unique effects and uses.

The CBD/THC concentrations vary within each strain of cannabis, and this fact makes the cannabis business a complex one. A significant attribute of the duber project is the ability to complement consumer reviews with lab-data and make information available to consumers and bud tenders at the point of sale. The duber project is poised to continually provide the most transparent Blockchain based cannabis supply chain in the world.

You can view the whitepaper here.

Duber Technologies In Brief

Duber technologies Incorporated is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider with a significant focus on the cannabis industry. Duber has a mission to enable startups to compete with more giant corporations in the cannabis industry through superior cutting-edge technology.

Duber Technologies provides online ordering services, self-serve-systems, global product search, digital signage and advertising products to customers. The company plans to add more to its portfolio by adding a retail point of sale, and a home delivery engine for retailers.

Duber operates in nations that have legalized both medical and recreational cannabis and is compliant with the laws of these countries.

For more information about the duber project, check out the company’s website here.


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