The ICO world is a bustling highway. The ubiquity of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has fueled the rise of more and more ICO’s on a daily basis. Although no one is always a hundred percent sure about the success of any given Initial coin offering, ICO’s remains a risk that’s worth taking since they come at a relatively cheap offering and have the capability of enriching its investors if the company offering the ICO succeeds.

BitClave ICO Gets Sold Out Before Time

BitClave an ICO that is aimed at creating a decentralized search engine powered by Blockchain to enable businesses frame marketing contents directly to consumers who are interested in its products or services. BitClave is looking to use its online and offline adverts platform to eliminate intermediaries like Google and Facebook who charge expensive fees and still do not get the job done correctly for advertisers.

With the BitClave system, advertisers are directly connected with the most interested consumers.

Users of the BitClave platform who allow their data to be sent to advertisers whose products they are interested in will receive the Consumer Action Tokens,(CAT).

BitClave presents a win-win situation for both advertisers and consumers as it is only the contents that are relevant to the consumers that get displayed to them, thereby improving the chances of the advertisers completing a sale.

The BitClave ICO has been a huge success by all standards, and the BitClave team has not hidden this achievement; as written on the project’s official website “Great news! We reached our cap in 32 seconds.”

Bitclave raised a $22million out of a total $25.5 million hard cap available during the pre-sale. In the sale, BitClave distributed 550,842,000 CAT tokens out of a total of 2billion CAT tokens.  In a statement by the BitClave CEO- Alex Bessonov as excerpted on, he said:

“This is a spectacular result, and would not have been possible without the support we’ve had from our community and followers. We’re incredibly grateful for this network we have.”

The CEO further urged BitClave investors to watch out for more successes ahead. He said “You can expect announcements such as open source SDK releases, commercial partnership, and community grants all aimed at bootstrapping and growing the network. Stay tuned!.”

You can read the BitClave whitepaper at

The BitClave Team

Alex Bessonov – CEO professional with over 20 years of experience in the security, privacy and Blockchain industry. He is the former Chief security officer at LG Electronics.

Patrick Tague- CTO

Emmanuel Owusu – Chief Architect

And more.

Expert Advice

Since the uncertainties surrounding ICO’s are limitless, the best bet is always to carry out proper background checks, and never you bite more than you can chew in the ICO ecosystem.



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