How do you keep track of the various ICOs that are being planned and launched? With the cryptosphere ever growing, there is an increasing number of websites and apps that help investors track, analyze, manage ICOs – as well as offer services to help market, plan, develop, or launch them.

To help streamline your search, please review the following list of top sites that will help you find the ICO that you want to invest in (alphabetically ordered):

Bitcoin Talk forum

An alternate cryptocurrency and altcoins forum

CoinFund Slack channel

Contains diverse discussions about token sales


The “best” ICOs (the site only lists the projects it considers worth following and investing in)


An interactive platform where you can monitor markets in real time, as well as discuss the latest crypto trends

ICO Countdown

Gives a spotlight to new projects in the cryptosphere (with a focus on crowdfunding methodology) – the site conducts due diligence to ascertain viability of these projects

ICO List

Lists a variety of token sales

ICO Rating

Specializes in objective reviews, evaluating companies that are planning ICOs

ICO Tracker

Lists ICOs according to five factors: white paper, roadmap, team, escrow, and ICO conditions

Reddit’s ICO Crypto forum

Hosts discussions of active and upcoming ICOs – currently building a due diligence community


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